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The EMyth – Michael Gerber

The EMyth
“What every successful entrepreneur knows” graces the top of this book and it certainly has some great lessons about being scalable and running a business.┬áThis book has clear operations and ways to get our of the hamster wheel that entrepreneurs get into and shows you how to work on your business, not in it. As I try and become more and more efficient at what I do, I realize I need to eliminate and delegate tasks to others. This can be a tough step, but once you have clearly outlined responsibilities, trimmed unnecessary tasks, you can be confident you are only assigning important tasks. Because the last thing an employee wants to feel, is that what they are doing is meaningless.

The EMyth was recommended to me by someone who joined Broadcast.com when the number of employees was still in the single digits. He stayed with them all the way until after they were acquired. I would say he knows a thing or two about knowing how to create and implement processes for a company to grow and be scalable. Continue reading