As I still misspell ‘entrepreneur’ from time to time, I label myself as one. At least, in the near future anyway. I moved out to Dallas, Texas with hopes and dreams to become the next Mark Cuban. My parents had their apprehensions, but ultimately it is my decision.

So here I am, unemployed, scouring the web for a job that looks good enough for the time being, and what have I accomplished? Well, for starters, I have done a lot of soul searching, not just Google searching. It allowed me to think critically about the ideas that I have come up with as well as if my college degree limited me in any way. I have decided that the only thing that could hold me back is myself, which, ultimately,  is what is holding me back from paying rent.

I am lucky to have a support system that my family and girlfriend provide. My parents have great career advice. The only problem is that it’s not a career I want. It’s a business, a lifestyle of making my decisions, building something that is my vision, and doing something I absolutely love.

Most people I know have had a job they disliked. I have had 10 jobs since I was in high school. I have loved all of them. To different degrees obviously, and since I have had so many jobs, it has kept me from staying in one longer than 2 years. Some were internships, or summer work overseas, but they allowed me to explore other areas of employment.

I feel I am a well rounded individual, lots of drive, hard working, and smart. But everyone thinks that about themselves, don’t they? Maybe another language will set me apart or I can highlight the hard work I did for 40 straight days, 10-15 hour days in Angola. But thats all nothing. It is great for an interview or resume, but when you are an entrepreneur, you can’t lie to yourself. Now, I am not lying when I say 10-15 hour days consecutively for 6 weeks, but it doesn’t matter when I am not applying for anything. Part of being an entrepreneur is finding yourself, not just selling a product or service, and I think that is what has brought me to this point.

I find myself very interesting. Not in a schizophrenic way, but in an internal way. Finding yourself is the first step to becoming a real entrepreneur and becoming the best I can be. If you know who you are, then it is easy to move to the next step of doing what makes you happy. The problem is, most people don’t find out the first part. They look at who they want to be, and pretend that is what they are. When really, they could be completely different. An entrepreneur can’t wear the mask of an idealized self. They have to listen to themselves and follow their own path. This is the mark of an entrepreneur.

This blog will not be a self expressive web page for me to jot down my feelings about the day. It is a report of books that inspired me, quotes that helped me push a little harder, and a weekly mark of progress in my journey. Or at least thats what I plan on it being. But of course, as an entrepreneur, we must know it never ends where we think it will.




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